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Tap In

After countless failures in business and a constant feeling of purposelessness, I finally fully surrendered to the unseen. To my surprise, surrendering feels more like your eyes are opening and your body is waking up. I’m being shown that I’m my own teacher and the wisdom has always been inside of me all along.

This is available to you, too.

Hi, I'm Alexandria!

I'm a stand for self-trust, being wholly You, becoming a person who feels more, accessing the Divine in all moments, seeing and appreciating nuance, seeing the magic in all, and being present in the Now.

Offerings to help you become more You.

Human Design Sessions

We will dive into the wealth of knowledge that your Human Design chart has to share. I will tailor your session based on your level of familiarity with your chart, meaning we can use this session as an introduction to You, or we can dig into the depths of your energy.

Intuitive Guidance Sessions

This session is a love letter from my heart to yours. We can use our time together to discuss or address whatever is on your mind, heart, or soul.