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Hey there, heart-centered being. If you find yourself here, there's a good chance you're looking for a better way to build your business. You've tried plenty - even started exploring how spirituality could *help* but something feels VERY off and you can't put your finger on it. Let me guess...

You feel overwhelmed by all the information and advice out there about how to do business *right*.

You're  pushing hard and trying to "will" yourself to succeed in your business.

You've tried intense strategy from other coaches, you've tried intuitive action, and everything in between...

But nothing seems to be working...

But you're ready to do business in your own way. And you're ready for it to feel good and yield results.

You need:

A clear understanding of how your energy works

To see your business as a Sacred Vehicle

Unification of your will with the Divine Will

To engage with entrepreneurship in a playful way

You're feeling unworthy, or maybe even undervalued.

More times than not, my clients have a great sense that they're on the cusp of something great, powerful, and impactful but there's some kind of wall keeping them from seeing it clearly.

Do you know what the wall is?

It's separateness.

It's the belief that everything in life, everything about ourSelves, all exists in separate boxes. But this simply is not true.

Everything is connected. I've developed a simple method to help my clients find this connection in their own lives and businesses.

You're not broken. It's not that you aren't cut out to have your own business. Your natural energetics are the key.

Are you ready to discover alignment in your life and business?

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Wondering what's included?

So you can stop spinning your wheels and help more people!

Eight Weeks

Bi-weekly Zoom calls with me (recorded)

Voxer access during Office Hours

Aligned Business Report (personal analysis)

Business Alignment Guidance

for conscious entrepreneurs ready to level up

Personalized homework and integration practices

When I started my business as an Astrologer, I knew that I wanted to do business in a different way. I wanted to be Divinely led and use my business background to bring those Divine messages into form.
However, at the time, there were very few examples of this, much less anyone teaching people how to build a business in this way. There’s a lot of noise out there. There’s a lot of people telling you what the “right” way is. Also, it’s not lost on me that I, too, can be considered noise or another person trying to tell you what the right way is.

Here’s the thing. I want to help you find the “right” way for YOU.  My guidance will illuminate, not dictate. I will guide you to your own guidance systems, not force you to listen to mine. I will help you to discover the very juicy and intimate place where true resonance between you and your business is found.  And finally, I will help you strip away the conditioned messaging you've taken in that's been keeping you from trusting your inner knowings.

Business is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. You know this already.

So let's discover your unique fit... 

Kourtney Thomas | Self-Discovery Facilitator

"I gained the clarity I was seeking."

Ultimately, the Business Alignment Container validated much of what I already knew about myself and my business. BUT, and this is big and important - it also put words and clarity around a lot of things I couldn't seem to put together or explain or put my finger on, and that was a big part of what I was seeking. The work we did together in the BAC essentially allowed me to go full speed ahead on MYSELF - professionally AND personally.

Alexandria is so insightful and nurturing and thoughtful, and she has a way of communicating that balances the needs of your heart and soul, and your more "hard skill" business needs.

Nicole Lisson | Writer + Space Holder

"No longer am I living in the image of others."

Alexandria was a wonderful coach and mentor! With her guidance, I learned how to operate my business from a state of flow instead of hustle, using my own unique blueprint. I know feel a deeper sense of self-truth within myself to make the decisions needed to create the kind of impact I want to make! No longer am I living in the image of anyone else.

What are you waiting for? Alignment is achievable and waiting for you.

During the Alignment Call, we will discuss the current state of your life and business, then refer to your Astrology and Human Design for guidance.

You will walk away from this call with at least one ACTIONABLE piece of advice you can use immediately, regardless of whether or not we are a good fit together for 1:1 coaching. 

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So excited 

to meet you!

Helping entrepreneurs find alignment in their life and business is my life's work in this Now. I do not take it lightly when I am chosen as someone's guide. Yes, I bring great reverence to each session, but don't be mistaken, we're going to have lots of fun, too!