A hopeful skeptic who loves to get down on some spiritual convos and business strategy.

My first name means “Defender of Mankind” and I’ve always felt inspired by that sentiment. 

Early on in my pursuit of discovering what “defending mankind” means, I was initiated into the mystical realms. Magic, energy, and fantasy were all within my comfort zone. Along the journey, I became increasingly practical, tactical, and Earth-based.   

My full name is Alexandria Danielle Rollet, and I was named after two great-grandfathers of mine.

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What this looks like today is having decades worth of exploration into the unseen; completion of Astrology and Human Design mentorships and courses; a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration and Marketing; professional experience in the financial industry; and utter devotion to my Guidance Systems.

There was once a time when these parts of the Self were considered separate, but that is no longer. For some beings, they are separate externally, but not internally. We are no longer meant to see the different parts of ourselves as separate of each other, but rather all the pieces that make up ourSelves.

Included in my role is to show and embody that humans are not one-dimensional and our multidimensionality can come out to play in each dimension, not just the one that that characteristic applies to the most.

If there’s one thing that all Projectors know to be true, it’s that all things are connected. To believe that we can isolate any one part of us and that it won’t impact other parts of us, is a false belief. That might have worked for a time, in the not-so-distant past, but that framework is beginning to fall away.

It is time to begin seeing your life and business as a whole. It is time to come back to yourself and let all the false narratives and damaging conditioning fall away. 

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I believe that if a cat is laying on you, you are not allowed to move.

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I'm an accomplished athlete with awards in softball and Javelin.

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Cheez-It might be my least favorite snack of all time.

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