Soul Mission Sessions

Do you feel a sense of longing, a desire, a knowing that you’ve been put on Earth for a specific reason, that there is a mission, but can't quite put your finger on it? In this session, we will consult your Astrology, Human Design, and Akashic Records to discover the sacred mission you agreed to upon incarnating in this lifetime.

"Alexandria’s readings are delightful and empowering gifts."

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Money Alchemy Sessions


"Alexandria is an incredible soul who loves helping others connect the dots."

Kourtney Thomas | Self-Discovery Facilitator

"I gained the clarity I was seeking."

Ultimately, the Business Alignment Container validated much of what I already knew about myself and my business. BUT, and this is big and important - it also put words and clarity around a lot of things I couldn't seem to put together or explain or put my finger on, and that was a big part of what I was seeking. The work we did together in the BAC essentially allowed me to go full speed ahead on MYSELF - professionally AND personally.

Alexandria is so insightful and nurturing and thoughtful, and she has a way of communicating that balances the needs of your heart and soul, and your more "hard skill" business needs.

Nicole Lisson | Writer + Space Holder

"No longer am I living in the image of others."

Alexandria was a wonderful coach and mentor! With her guidance, I learned how to operate my business from a state of flow instead of hustle, using my own unique blueprint. I know feel a deeper sense of self-truth within myself to make the decisions needed to create the kind of impact I want to make! No longer am I living in the image of anyone else.